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6451 Twin with Anne Died young

Planche gives him a son Solomon without explanation reasons or dates. 
Hougham, Edward (I297)
6452 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I8856)
6453 Twin with FR

Worked at Palace Cinema

on 1939 register Housewife 
Egerton-Walton, Ethel Florence (Paddy) (I3905)
6454 Twinned with Donald, Killed in WW1 John (I7924)
6455 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7923)
6456 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I26770)
6457 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I28781)
6458 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I24589)
6459 Uncertain whether Ed is another child of Moses and Elizabeth. Birthdate
is guess. 
Hougham, Edward (I6637)
6460 Under 21 in 1690

Living in 1704 
Huffam, Stephen (I482)
6461 Under 21 in 1690
Living in 1704

Retired from the army after 1743

Possibly this Huffam

Thomas Granger , alias Coffil, theft : specified place, 14th July, 1731.
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t17310714-53
See original
Trial Summary:
Crime(s): theft : specified place ,
Punishment Type: death , (Punishment details may be provided at the end of the trial.)
Verdict: Guilty ,
Other trials on 14 Jul 1731
Name search for: Thomas Granger ,
Defendant's Home: St. Mary Le Bone
Associated Records...
Original Text:
Thomas Granger , alias Coffil , of St. Mary Le Bone, was indicted for feloniously stealing 38 Guineas, the Property of Benjamin Huffam Esq; in the Dwelling House of Charles Leman Esq ; the 29th of May last.
Colonel Huffam deposed, That being informed by Capt. Leman, that his Bureau had been broken open, and his Servant gone, he desired him to enquire after him, and he was taken accordingly, and that he had lost 38 Guineas.
Captain Leman depos'd, That the Bureau being broken open, and the Money missing, Madam Huffam desired him to go to the Tower to acquaint the Colonel; that he did so, and afterwards riding to Acton in pursuit of the Prisoner, he was directed to go to Turnham-Green, where describing him, he heard he had been there that Day, and had bought a new Frock and a Horse at Brandford, and was going towards Oxford; that he then came back to London, and sent the following Evidences after him.
James Silk depos'd, That he pursuing the Prisoner, heard of him at High-Wickham , and at Stoken-Church Turn-pike, but miss'd of him at Islip ; that he went to Worcester, gave Notice of him at the Turn-pike, and heard at Pasbur that he was gone to Broomsgrove . That being obliged to come up to the Review, he returned back, and two Persons at Pasbur pursued him, and took him at Ludlow ; that he went to Ludlow to fetch him up, and that the Prisoner owned that he had broke open the Bureau, and stolen the Money.
Edward Leicester depos'd, That on the 29th of May last, the Prisoner as he was buying a Frock, he ask'd for a Horse, either to be hired or sold, telling him, he lived with Colonel Somebody, whose Name he (this Evidence) did not remember; that he telling him his Son had one, which he seeing, and liking, bought it for seven Guineas; and also the Saddle for 10 s. and 2 s. for the Saddle-Cloth.
The Prisoner had spent of the 38 Guineas, all but 15 Guineas and a Crown Piece, and 4 d. Farthing. The Fact being plainly proved, and by the Prisoner's own Confession, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Death . 
Huffam, Benjamin (I485)
6462 Under 21 in 1690 Huffam, Peter (I483)
6463 Under 21 in 1699

Living in 1704 
Huffam, Elizabeth (I486)
6464 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I15886)
6465 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I24575)
6466 Unmarried.

John, the eldest son, died in 1498 leaving a will which is reproduced below:

Will of JOHN FILMER, of Otterden

Dated 14/1/1497 Proved 4/7/1498

"In the name of God Amen the year of our Lord 1498 the 14th of the month of January I, JOHN FILMER of the parish of Ottreden being of sound mind and good memory make my will in this manner. First I bequeath my soul to Almighty God, the Blessed Mary the Virgin and All Saints, my body to be buried in the Churchyard of St. Laurence in the parish afresaid. Item I give and bequeath to the high altar there 12d. Item I bequeath to the Church of Bourseld (Bordefield) 3s.4d. to repair the chalice. Item I bequeath on the days of my burial and trental eleven masses to be celebrated and to each priest 6d. Item I bequeath to the light of the Blessed Mary the Virgin there nine sheep. Item I bequeath to JAMES FELMER one sheep. Item I bequeath to my three sisters three sheep. Item I bequeath to JOAN my sister one chest. I bequeath to THOMAS FELMER my brother 6s.8d. which same THOMAS I make and ordain my executor. The residue truly of all my goods, my debts and legacies being paid I give and bequeath to THOMAS FELMER my brother. These being witnesses: Sir WALTER BACCHELERE, his curate, BENEDICT FILMER and many others.

Item I bequeath to my two godchildren 8d. Item to JOAN SILVER 6s.8d. [presumably FILMER]".

Proved 4 July 1498. Proved before the Official of the Dean of the Arches, Canterbury 4 July, 1498 by THOMAS FILMER executor.

Notes. (1). The gift of 3s.4d. for mending the chalice shows that Bordefield Church was then in use. The title "Sir" given to the curate was then the equivalent of "Reverend". "Trental" means 'the following 30 days'.
(2). There is a copy of the will amongst the East Sutton papers, but it differs from the Canterbury record in certain particulars. Probably both are copies of the original.
(3). There are also two slightly different versions of the will: in the other copy (see below) in addition to the items mentioned above are - 'to ALICE BROCK 13s 4d, to ALICE HEYWARD 6d and YZOTE PLUMER 6d'.

"Body to be buried in churchyard of St. Lawrence, Otterden.
To the high altar there, 12d.
To the church of Boresfield to repair a chalice, 3s. 4d.
For 11 masses at months mind and at burial, to each priest, 6d.
For a months mind 10s.
To ALICE BROOK, 13s 4d.
To the light of Blessed Mary the Virgin and All Saints there, 9 sheep.
To JAMES FILMER, 7d. and one sheep.
To my 3 sisters, 3 sheep.
To sister JOAN, a chest.
To brother THOMAS FILMER, who is to be executor, 6s. 8d.
Residue of goods to brother THOMAS.

Witnesses, Dom. WALTER BACCHELERE, his curate, BENEDICT FILMER, and many others.

To my godsons, 8d.
To JOAN FILMER, 6s 8d."
Refs. U120. T200/2 (in Latin)
A.C.C. A 7 34
'Deep Rooted in Kent', p.15,16.

John must have been at least eighty-five when he died and had three brothers and three sisters then still living. This is interesting in that the exceptional age to which most members of the family lived during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries seems to infer that the living conditions for them at least could not have been too difficult despite the somewhat turbulent political and economic circumstances of the period.

It is also clear from John's will that the church at Bordefield was still then in use. The nunnery of Davington, it will be recalled, owned the advowsen of Bordefield as well as two parts of the manor and the advowsen of Monkton. The church at Bordefield had never been worth much to the nunnery from the early fourteenth century and there had been a steady decline.

This decline eventually resulted in both Monkton and Bordefield parishes being merged in 1522 with Otryngden by John, the Archbishop of Canterbury with the consent of Joan, the Prioress of Davington. 
Filmer, John (I15983)
6467 untiful, UT 84010, and Mr. Rey L. Pratt, 405 West Sixth
Avenue, Toppenish, WA 98948; Family Record kept by Helaman Pratt, in
possession of Mrs. Emaline P. Bluth, 782 West Maple, Mapleton, UT 84663;
Family Record kept by Bertha C. W. Pratt, in possession of Mrs. Bertha P.
Whitney, 1648 East Nielson Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85204; Colonia Dublan Ward
Records, GS Film #35127.

!NOTE: The death certificate for Rey Lucero Pratt states that the cause of his
death was "Hernial operation followed by illness of unknown origin." 
Wilmot, Sarah (I12026)
6468 urnal, pp. 6, 12, 23.
!DEATH: TIB; GS Archives; GS Patron's (four-gen.) Sheets; Helaman Pratt Family
Journal, p. 4.

!BAPTISM: Family Records of Parley Parker Pratt, GS Film #430,100.

!ENDOWMENT: GS Film #430,100; Helaman Pratt Family Journal, p. 4.

!SEALINGS: GS Film #183,399, Entry #3775, p. 312; Helaman Pratt Family
Journal, p. 12.

!NOTE: The following deceased women were sealed to Helaman Pratt:
(4) 25 Oct 1871 Amelia Seegmiller;
(5) 25 Oct 1871 Caroline Seegmiller;
(6) 20 Apr 1874 Mathilde Frederica Christine Wilcken;
(7) 19 Apr 1893 Johanna Artima Billingsley;
(8) 19 Apr 1893 Anna Wilcken. 
Tolles, Experience (I12034)
6469 Valentine Ettleman was callte "Felty". Ettleman, Valentine or "Felty" (I13599)
6470 Vault at St Botolph

London: St. Dionis Backchurch - Parish Register (City of London), for Maryages, Christenynges, and Buryalles Book 25 The Reiester booke of Saynte De'nis Bark: church parishe ffor Maryages Christenynges And Buryalles begynnynge in the yeare of or Lord God 1538 And is debyded into thre partes that ys ffyrst maryages Seconde Christenynges And the thyrde buryalles And begynnynge in the yeare before sayde & in Octobre. Marriages in the Church, After the Rebuilding Thereof, as Follow:-- County: London Country: England 18 Dec 1739 Solomon Hougham, of Bromley, co. Kent, bachr, & Lydia Hunt, of Canterbury, in sd Co., Spr, by lic: 
Hunt, Lydia (I533)
6471 VELMA HOUGHAM Request Information

SSN 478-60-4711 Residence: 50316 Des Moines, Polk, IA
Born 11 Apr 1918 Last Benefit:
Died Jan 1985 Issued: IA (1963) 
Velma (I5781)
6472 VENN - To 1751

FILMER, ROBERT. Adm. Pens. (age 17) at CAIUS, Nov.4, 1586. S. of Robert, Esq. B. at East Sutton, Kent. School, Sutton. Adm. At Gray’s Inn, July 3, 1598, from Staple Inn. Brother of Edward (1584). (Venn, I. 128)

Robert, baptised at East Sutton in 1569, was admitted to Grays Inn in 1598 being then described as late of Staple Inn, gentleman. It appears that he later resided, when in Kent, at Wichling manor by leave of his brother, Edward, who had inherited the manor from his father. There is no evidence that he actually owned it. In 1600 he married Jane White (While), a widow, at St. Gregory's in London. She appears to have had children by her former husband, Thomas White and there is an interesting case brought by Robert as plaintiff before the Star Chamber concerning one of her daughters. In the proceedings Robert is stated to be 'late of Edmonton, gentleman, being married to Jane, late wife of Thomas White of London. gentleman'. The proceedings were brought against William Hickman, a miller, Ambrose Needham, Thomas Sherive (Shreeve) and Thomas Kingston, the minister in the Tower of London, alleging that they conspired together to marry Jane's daughter, Helen, to William Hickman at the Tower. (Bundle 142 James I).

WILL of ROBERT FILMER, of East Sutton, gentleman

Dated 11/4/1629 Proved 4/5/1629

Robert Filmer died in 1629, shortly before his elder brother, Edward.

'I, Robert FILMER of East Sutton, county Kent, gentleman, being in sound memory God be praised, do make this my last will, in manner following:
I wish my body to be buried in upper chancel of Parish Church of East Sutton. I will and bequeath to the poor of East Sutton, 40s. to be paid to them quarterly by my executors.
I give to Lady FILMER, my sister the sum of £7. To my brother HENRY FILMER my gold ring, with the death's head, and three suites of apparel two of cloth and one of pink sattin. I give to HENRY, my brother, two hats and two pairs of silk stockings. I give to my niece, Mrs. MARY KNATCHBULL and to Sir ROBERT FILMER, and to Mr. EDWARD FILMER, and to Mr. JOHN FILMER, and to REYNOLD FILMER, and to HENRY FILMER, gent, my nephews, 40s. apeece. To my niece Mrs. ELIZABETH FALKNER, and to Mrs. KATHERINE BARRAM my niece, and to my niece Mrs. SARAH FILMER, gentlewoman, 40s. each to buy them rings. To EDWARD FILMER my brother ANTHONY's son, my nephew, £20 to be paid to him at the age of 22 years. I give to his brother HENRY, my nephew, the sum of £4 to be paid to him at the age of 23. I give to his sister Mistress FRANCES FILMER, my niece, the sum of £7 to be paid to her within one year of my decease.. I give to my daughter in law PENELOPE BELLINGER, a ring of gold which was her mother's wedding ring. I give to Mrs. ELIZABETH FALKNER, my niece, a black taffeta gown. I give to the Lady FILMER, my sister, a pair of gloves wrought with pearls. The residue of moveable goods to my brother, Sir EDWARD FILMER Knight, whom I make my sole executor of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written before. ROBERTUM FILMER, in presence of THOMAS LLOYD, LAURENCE FOXE, THOS. GATELEY.

Proved by EDWARD FILMER, brother.
Filmer Family Manuscripts. U. 120. T. 200/9.
PCC Will 49 Ridley

Filmer, Robert (I15963)
6473 Verna Lorraine Hilde, 89, Bismarck, ND, formerly of Fargo, completed her earthly journey on March 15, 2010. Cremation has taken place through Bismarck Funeral Home, and her cremains will be interred in the family plot at the Waldheim Lutheran Church Cemetery near Kathryn, ND. As she requested, there will be no memorial service.
The third child of Selmer and Betsy (Baarstad) Gilbertson, Verna was born on January 16, 1921, at Eastedge, North Dakota.
After graduating from Enderlin High School in 1938, Verna graduated from American Business College in Minneapolis. She met and married Nicholas Bernard Barr in Minneapolis, and she worked a number of years in the Minneapolis area before moving to Fargo, ND. She was employed as a medical stenographer at TNI – St. Lukes/Merit Care for 17 years, retiring in 1981. Verna moved to Bismarck in 2001 and to the Baptist Home in April 2009.
Verna is survived by nieces Rachel (Erv) Monson, Bismarck, ND, Nancy Gilbertson (Tom Prall), Prairie City, IA, and Glory (Kevin) Hougham, Dubuque, IA; grand-nieces Kris (Matthew) Jobe, Rochester, MN, and Jordan Hougham, Washington, DC; great-grand niece Laney Jobe, Rochester, MN; daughter-in-law Jane Lauf Barr, St. Petersburg Beach, FL; and a special niece-in-law Vicki (Linc) Jepson and her family, Georges Mill, NH.
She was preceded in death by her parents, son Gary, sister Margaret, and brothers James and Gerald.
Her only child, Gary Barr, died in 1998 from colon cancer at the age of 52. In spite of this tragic loss, she continued to be loving, thoughtful, and helpful. In big letters inside her address book she wrote: “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” Her memory would be blessed by your reaching out to someone who could benefit from a random act of kindness. 
Gilbertson, Verna Lorraine (I24457)
6474 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I28816)
6475 Vicar of Kingston Kent 1639 and 1642

Vicar of Chislet 1654 
Huffam, Michael (I204)
6476 Vicar of St Martins

Will 1482. History of St Martin's Church by Canon Rutledge. Page lOO.The Will of John Hougham .Vicar is given in full.
he mentions his sisters Isabell and Margaret.He also gives legacies to Stephen Forde and Richard Larkyn. real estate ,in the Parishes of Ash, St Martin,and St Paul, and in the town of Sandwich—he leaves the
parcels in St Martin1s and St Paul's to his wife absolutely--also to her the lands in Ash for her life with remainder at her death to his Grandson Solomon Hougham—but if his grandson die without heirs etc. The grandson mentioned was son of Solomon who is dead when John made his will.

Page lO6 .of same.
AD 1503 Joan (Blameter)Hougham. md John Strete after the death of her 1st husband John Hougham Vicar. In her ' Will she desires to be buried in St 'Martin1s Churchyard,beside her late husband John Strete.-Her first husba-
husband was buried inside the church where a monument is erected to his memory. Her full will is given on "page l06-She does not mention any children in it,but her household and personal effects are distributed amongst friends. She had two messauge's in St Martin's,one had a crofte ,a barne and an acre and yard of land"upon the hill there" After all debts expenses etc. are paid, the rest is to be laid out for her soul. In Upper Hardres there is a stone with figures and ornaments in brass, also remains, commemorative of John Strete,
Rector who died in 1404. This is probably an ancestor of above John -Strete who md Joan Hougham ,widow. Johanne Blameter was a daughter of Guy Blaraeber and his wife Alice,she had a brother William and a sister Isabell,
She with her sister was in Chancery Proceedings against her brother just after her father's death.Her sister md Mr Sharpe. Sharp & Hougham V Carey & Swain 56/173.

Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Early Proceedings, Richard II to Philip an...
John Sharpe and Isabel, his wife, daughter and heir of Guy Blameter; John Hougham and Johane, his wife, another daughter and heir. v. John Caries, priest, feoffee to uses, and John Swayn.: Messuage called the `Hert' in Westgate Street beside Canterbury, Date range: 1475 - 1485. 
Hougham, John (I5244)
6477 Visalia CA Hougham, Herbert Henry (I2468)
6478 Visalia CA Hougham, Paul C (I2474)
6479 Visalia CA Campbell, Grace Anscombe (I6556)
6480 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7466)
6481 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F9500
6482 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I11155)
6483 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3021)
6484 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I8285)
6485 Was a carrier who drove for Irvinebank Co, coaches for Chatfield and later
was a guard on Mareeba & Normanton lines.
Hist. record Ravenswood: 1888, Herbert Royes, 5yrs, Bowen Rd, Father Carrier 
Royes, Herbert Charles (I4592)
6486 Was adopted by his Uncle Richard de Brion and inhetited the Barony of Okehampton of his Half Brother Ralph Avenell

When King William I (the Conqueror) had conquered England, he gave to those men who came over with him great estates and among them was Baldwin de Brioniis (so named from a place in Normandy) who was given many estates and the Barony of Okehampton. Baldwin was the second son of Gilbert de Crispin, Count of Brioniis, son of Godfrey, Count de Ewe, natural son of Richard, the first of that name, Duke of Normandy. Richard was the greatgrandfather of William the Conqueror. Baldwin married Albreda, niece of the Conqueror. Because he was so close in kin to the Conqueror he was given, in addition to the Barony of Okehampton, the Castle of Exeter, and the Custody of the whole county of Devon. They had issue: Richard, Adela and Emma. Adela was married to "a Kentish Knight", Emma married first, William Avenel, by whom she had issue Ralph, and second to William de Abrincis, by whom she had Robert. Robert de Abrincis was dearly loved by Richard de Brioniis, who treated him as his heir but Robert married a daughter of Godwin Dole and departed "out of England" beyond the seas. They had a daughter named Matilda who was married to the Lord of Aincourt. Baldwin was succeeded by his son Richard, a stout soldier in his young years but very devout in his later years and left no heirs. His whole estates and honors went to his sister Adela (or Adelicia). Ralph Avenel (son of her sister Emma) was heir to these estates but he refused to marry the daughter of of Reginald, Earl of Cornwall, and instead he married a daughter of Richard de Redvers, Earl of Devonshire. Reginald was so infuriated he sent for Robert de Abrincis' daughter Matilda (from beyond the seas). King Henry II , on the advice of Reginald, Earl of Cornwall, gave her to Robert, natural son to King Henry I and brother of Reginald. They had daughters Hawise and Matilda, who became the heirs of d'brioniis estates, (other sources say they were halfsisters) who married Reginald de Courtenay and his son (or brother?) William de Courtenay. Reginald de Courtenay and Hawise were benefactors of the Abbey of Ford and were buried there. This Robert husband of Matilda, who was one of at least 13 natural sons of King Henry I, was the son of Edith, sister to Ive, son of Forme, son of Segewold, who were great barons of the north. She named him Robert FitzEde and he became Earl Marshal of England and,in right of his wife, Baron of Okehampton from whom Hawise inherited the estates.Robert FitzEde died in 1172 and Matilda died in 1173 he was buried in Osney Abbey.
SOURCE NOTES for Hawise follow:
She was the eldest daughter (or granddaughter? she seems to be a daughter of Robert FitzEde and another source The Complete Peerage says she was the daughter of William Curcy dead by 1162 and his wife Maud d'Avranches and a granddaughter of Robert d'Avranches ) of Robert d'Abrincis(or Avranches), Baron of Oakhampton.

Robert d' Avranches , who held the fief of Macey, south of Avranches (Loyd, 'Origins', pp. 11-12); who married, firstly, a daughter of Gelduin de Dol, and, secondly, Maud de Monville, daughter of William d'Arques and Beatrix Malet, daughter of William Malet and Hesilia Crispin. By either he was the father of Denise d'Avranches, who married Hasculphe de Subligny, from Subligny, in canton Haye-Pesnel, held by Hugh d'Avranches as 'tenant-in-chief' (Keats-Rohan; the Prosopography, p. 11). 
d'Averanches, Robert Viscount of Devonshire, heriditary Sheriff of Devonshsire, Castalan of Exeter (I18)
6487 was born with flu five days after his sister Bertha had died of it. He was undersized and weight from birth and for a long time not expected to live. But he did and he remained small and thin and they said he looked like a mosquito hence he became known as "skeeter"

Although he started in the hayfields at age 8, Skeeter's diminutive size may have contributed to his being allowed to complete 8 years of school before being kept busy doing farm work for his dad or brother Lewis. His exceptional mechanical aptitude led him into automobile repair and in turn to moving northwood towards better pay. He was working in an auto repair shop just north of Minneapolis in December 1941 and by April 1942 he was in the Army Air Corp. He spent the rest of WW2 in the southwest pacific assembling fighter planes that were shipped there in pieces

After the war, Skeeter returned to north of Minneapolis, built his own home in a grove on a piece of land with a small lake or large pond. His civilian life was spent as a welder in a factory, for those things and places automated welders cant do.

The price of Skeeters life work was damaged lungs. His emphasema has for a number of years required the almost constant companionship of an oxygen bottle which has slowed his activities but neither his sense of humour or good nature. 
Wyatt, Lloyd Allen (I8283)
6488 Was in civil war in Iowa company BJ4 Infantry Volunteers, Private
Captain Avery's unit
Battle of Jenkins Ferry, Seige of Spanish Fort
22 Dec 1863 - 14 Sept 1865
Discharged in Texas
Light complexion
Grey eyes
Auburn hair
Hougham, George H (I6375)
6489 Was living in Medford, Mass in 1956. Macdonald, Margaret (I1576)
6490 Was raised by grandparents Theodore & Nancy Matheny age 7 on 1901 census
Retired July 1, 1958.
There address was 4158 Adair Ave N
Robbinsdale, MN

Death Date: Photograph of gravestone

enlisted in US Army ww1 5 June 1917 Farmer 
Hougham, Evert Earl (I2516)
6491 Was remembered for her stern ways and violent habit of grabing kids hair.
Lived at Crocodile Creek near Mt Morgan before marriage.The middle name
Mcleod is doubtful. 
Murray, Mary Mcleod (I4331)
6492 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I27498)
6493 Was she the daughter of the other marriage? Hawise (I6208)
6494 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I26754)
6495 Watchman for construction Co

enlisted in US Army ww1 
Huffam, Allen Milton (I7636)
6496 Wayne Leon Hougham, 57, of Meridian, died on Thursday, January 20, 2011 at the Veterans Medical Center in Boise. Arrangements are pending and have been entrusted to Chapel of the Chimes Funeral Home, 105 E. Carlton Ave. Meridian, ID 83642; 888-4454. Published in Idaho Statesman on January 22, 2011 Hougham, Wayne Leon (I7613)
6497 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I11186)
6498 We are placing this woman here as George's 2nd wife based on data from the 1870 US/FL census. That census shows George as head of the family, age 47, with Mary R (Davis) listed as "keeping house." Also, in addition to George's children by the 1st wife, there is a new entry for John W. Davis, age 4, so born in 1876. Later , in the 1920 census, we see a Mary Davis listed as a widow, age 70 (some discrepancy here, but maybe an error), and living in Madison County in the household of a daughter, who was born in 1877. Mary R. (I11016)
6499 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I13096)
6500 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I11190)

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