Isle of Thanet



Latitude: 51.3639830, Longitude: 1.4389820


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fasham, Mary Alice (Polly?)  Isle of Thanet I1330
2 Hanslow, Emma Jane  Isle of Thanet I8208
3 Hanson, Mary Ann  Isle of Thanet I1333
4 Hougham, Dennis Arthur  1948Isle of Thanet I1816
5 Hougham, Edward Henry  1905(?)Isle of Thanet I1438
6 Hougham, Edward Henry  1959Isle of Thanet I1705
7 Hougham, Ernest John  1952Isle of Thanet I11697
8 Hougham, Henry Edmund William  24 Jun 1939Isle of Thanet I1467
9 Hougham, Herbert Victor  1955Isle of Thanet I8742
10 Hougham, Herbert W E  1918Isle of Thanet I10279
11 Hougham, John Henry  1967Isle of Thanet I1450
12 Hougham, John Wood  1932Isle of Thanet I1267
13 Hougham, Mary Ann  Isle of Thanet I1300
14 Hougham, Norman Edward  Isle of Thanet I560
15 Hougham, Percy Knock  1879Isle of Thanet I10291
16 Hougham, Peter  Isle of Thanet I9075
17 Hougham, Stephen  1931Isle of Thanet I1268
18 Hougham, Stephen  1940Isle of Thanet I8211
19 Hougham, Thomas Richard  Isle of Thanet I1325
20 Hougham, Vernon W  1967Isle of Thanet I10228
21 Hougham, Victor Archibald  1894Isle of Thanet I10289
22 Hougham, William Thomas  Isle of Thanet I1010
23 Hougham, William Thomas  1884Isle of Thanet I8215
24 Knight, Esther Jane  28 Oct 1951Isle of Thanet I1479


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hougham / Fallon  Mar 1950Isle of Thanet F3616
2 Hougham / Pimm  Sep 1946Isle of Thanet F3607
3 Hougham / Port  Jun 1940Isle of Thanet F3592
4 Hougham / Riddell  Dec 1929Isle of Thanet F3566