Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut



Latitude: 41.3513296, Longitude: -72.3847615


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chalker, Abraham [Lieutenant]  19 Oct 1655Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12301
2 Chalker, Abraham  1 Sep 1687Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I13050
3 Chalker, Abraham  1 May 1699Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12306
4 Chalker, Alexander  25 Feb 1666Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12320
5 Chalker, Deborah  3 Oct 1694Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12305
6 Chalker, Elizabeth  17 Apr 1710Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12309
7 Chalker, Hannah  25 Mar 1682Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I13049
8 Chalker, Hannah  19 Jul 1703Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12307
9 Chalker, Isaac [Reverend]  12 Sep 1707Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12308
10 Chalker, Jane  25 Mar 1662Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12319
11 Chalker, Katherine  8 Sep 1657Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12317
12 Chalker, Mary  27 Apr 1653Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12316
13 Chalker, Samuel  1652Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12315
14 Chalker, Sarah  19 Oct 1659Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12318
15 Chalker, Stephen  8 Sep 1650Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12314
16 Chapman, Sarah  25 Sep 1657Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11377
17 Hough, Abigail  5 Mar 1665/1666Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12181
18 Hough, Anna  29 Aug 1667Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12182
19 Hough, Deborah  21 Oct 1662Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12180
20 Hough, John  17 Oct 1655Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12178
21 Hough, Jonathan  7 Feb 1659/1660Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12179
22 Hough, Samuel  Abt 9 Mar 1652/1653Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12177
23 Hough, William  13 Oct 1657Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12162
24 Huntington, Ruth  Apr 1658Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11374
25 Parker, David  Feb 1655/1656Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11974
26 Parker, Debora  Mar 1657/1658Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11973
27 Parker, Joannah  Oct 1637Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I13406
28 Parker, Jonathan  Abt Feb 1652/1653Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11975
29 Pratt, Abraham  Abt 1726Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11415
30 Pratt, Abraham  1733Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11411
31 Pratt, Christopher  14 Nov 1712Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11442
32 Pratt, David  Jan 1688Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11419
33 Pratt, David  Abt 1720Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11417
34 Pratt, Deborah  Abt 1732Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11412
35 Pratt, Elizabeth  20 Jan 1717/1718Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11424
36 Pratt, Elizabeth  Abt 1734Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11410
37 Pratt, Ephraim  1 Apr 1705Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11426
38 Pratt, Experience  Abt 1678Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11394
39 Pratt, Experience  18 Sep 1720Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11423
40 Pratt, Hester  Abt 1730Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11413
41 Pratt, Jemima  Abt 1724Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11416
42 Pratt, Joseph  1 Aug 1648Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11398
43 Pratt, Joseph  6 Mar 1671Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11396
44 Pratt, Joseph  13 Apr 1703Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11422
45 Pratt, Lydia  1 Jan 1659/1660Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11381
46 Pratt, Margaret  Abt 1680Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11393
47 Pratt, Margaret  1 Apr 1708Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11425
48 Pratt, Nathaniel  Abt 1661/1662Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11380
49 Pratt, Obadiah [Private]  14 Sep 1742Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11455
50 Pratt, Reuben  Abt 1728Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11414

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barber, Deborah  17 Oct 1753Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12304
2 Chalker, Abraham [Lieutenant]  17 Feb 1730/1731Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12301
3 Chalker, Abraham  20 Sep 1783Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12306
4 Chalker, Alexander [Immigrant]  Abt 1673Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12312
5 Clark, Elizabeth  Aft 1660/1672Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11387
6 Clark, John  21 Sep 1677Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11955
7 Ingham, Sarah  1 Sep 1687Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12303
8 Panton, Ellen or Ellenor  13 Nov 1670Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12336
9 Parker, Margaret  Abt 1686Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11397
10 Parker, William [Immigrant]  28 Dec 1686Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11983
11 Post, Stephen [Lt. or Immigrant]  16 Aug 1659Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12335
12 Pratt, Samuel  1705Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11382
13 Pratt, William [Lieutenant]  20 Feb 1670Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11388
14 Pritchard, Margaret (Margery)  1680Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11982
15 Sanford, Hannah  7 Dec 1683Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I12302
16 Tilley, John  Oct 1636Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I14335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Pratt, William [Lieutenant]  Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut I11388


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chalker / Post  27 Sep 1649Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut F4495
2 Clark / Coley or Cooley  1632Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut F4275
3 Post / Hyde  1 Mar 1652Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut F4515
4 Pratt / Chalker  30 May 1717Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut F4015
5 Pratt / Huntington  26 Mar 1681Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut F3989
6 Pratt / Parker  Sep 1671Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut F4002