Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, Matilda  1899Wath Upon dearne Yorkshire I26555
2 Bell, Robert  Abt 1876Wath Upon dearne Yorkshire I26556
3 Brown, Edith  1897Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22104
4 Brown, Ernest  1882Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I26541
5 Brown, George  1900Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22097
6 Brown, George W  Abt 1875Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I26653
7 Brown, George W  1885Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I26810
8 Brown, Lucy  1890Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22733
9 Brown, Mary Elizabeth  1883Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22096
10 Brown, Thomas John  1892Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22105
11 Fox, Denis  1923Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22686
12 Fox, Edith  1905Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22671
13 Fox, Ernest  1896Wath upon Dearne Yorkshire I22650
14 Fox, John Thomas  1891Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22648
15 Fox, Louisa  1898Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22651
16 Fox, Sidney  1900Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22652
17 Fox, Stanley  1919Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22685
18 Glew, George William  1891Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I21956
19 Scott, Sarah Harriet  1844Wath upon Dearne Yorkshire I26650
20 Wadsworth, Charlotte  1880Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22137
21 Wadsworth, John  1900Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22143
22 Wadsworth, Tom  1882Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22141


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Lucy  1893Wath Upon Dearne Yorkshire I22733